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  • Your Online "Brochure" Site

    I build simple websites - like this one! - for business owners who want a professional website.


    Prospects expect legitimate businesses to have websites. And there's no more effective online way to tell people who you are, what you do, why they should hire you, and how to reach you.


    But websites can be expensive, time-consuming and confusing to build and maintain.
    Do any of these situations apply to you?


    ~ You don't have thousands of dollars to spend right now;

    ~ You'd rather run your business than build a website;

    ~ You have other ways to market;

    ~ You don't want to mess with hosting, upgrades and maintenance;

    ~ You want a temporary site for a limited-time promotion or offering;

    ~ You want your website done right and done fast.


    If so, a site like this one - an "Online Brochure Site" - may be very attainable and effective for you.


    Like a printed brochure (a pamphlet or flyer handed out in person or mailed), a brochure website helps you reach new customers. However, since it is ONLINE, it's easier to distribute to a wider audience (and easier to make changes!)


    30% of Internet users won't do business with a company that doesn't have a website!

  • Your tasks?

    Provide basic content/logo, photos. Yes, I can improve your writing. I'll create an appropriate look and layout.

    Mobile friendly, secure

    Your brochure site will look beautiful and load quickly on a mobile phone. Includes SSL certificate and Privacy Policy.

    Connected? Yes

    You can include links to Facebook, Pinterest, etc. plus contact info like name/address/phone. Map optional.

    *Transparent pricing & control 

    You own and control your site when it's done, since I transfer it to your paid account. I'll help set it up. You can make your own edits when it's done or I can manage.

    Your investment starts at $399*

    I'll build you a sharp, professional one-page site like this one. Typically LIVE within a week of receiving info from you.

    You will also need to invest in hosting ($96/yr), a domain name ($10/yr), and perhaps a custom email ($25/year).

    Customization? Yes

    If you want more pages or more features, I can typically do them, for an additional fee. My goal is to keep your site design investment to under $1000. Let me know what you're thinking when you message me.

  • "... very lucrative for my business"

    Working with Diana Ratliff, Your Friend on the Web, has not only been a pleasant experience that flowed easily, it has also proven to be very lucrative for my business. My website is stunning. She's aways available for a chat when I have a question or want help making a change to my site. Diana Ratliff is amazing, and truly a friend on the web.

    - Syreta Toson, SyretaTalks.com                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         

  • Example & Demo Websites

    (This is a NEW service - more client sites mentioned here soon!)

    MidMO Home Inspections

    The owner of a new home inspection company in my area needed a good site to get his business going!


    Google News Website Course

    I sold hundreds of copies of my course through this site. I'd still be doing it, if Google hadn't changed what they offer, darn it. (No longer hosted, no domain attached.)


    Winn Motel & RV Park

    Sample website for a very small hotel in Colorado. (Not hosted, no domain attached.)


    Video Traffic Boost

    I used this domain to profitably sell a YouTube service, for several years. (No longer hosted, no domain attached.)


    Local Tree Service

    Very basic starter site for a local tree service. (Not hosted, no domain attached.)


    Local Handyman Site

    Starter site for a handyman. (Not hosted, no domain attached.)


    Amazon Associate Site

    A partner wanted me to create websites for Amazon affiliates. I did so, for several years. (No longer hosted, no domain.)


  • About

    Diana Ratliff, Your Friend on the Web

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    Your site will be built by me. I put up my first website in 1999 and since then have helped many companies, large and small, market their businesses online.


    I am dismayed at the number of small business owners who do not have a website, or one that represents them well. That's why I started this service.


    I know that lack of funds and lack of technical skills are part of the problem.


    Your new site will be easy to edit yourself, fast Support is available, and you will own it outright.


  • Contact Me

    Please email me more information about YOUR website needs. Let me know if you already have a domain name. I'll be happy to answer any questions and tell you how to get started.

    Columbia, MO
    8-5 Monday - Friday